Movies with Siri by @jarques

Movies with Siri is a simple plugin for SiriProxy that lets you check the Rotten Tomatoes score for your favorite movies.


To get Movies with Siri running you’ll have to get SiriProxy fully working. Instead of filling this page with those instructions, visit the SiriProxy Github page for more details. Come back here once it’s up.

Get the latest movies.rb from the Github repo and put it in your plugins folder, so you will see this:


Once that’s in there, open up start.rb in the root folder, and add the following lines:

require 'plugins/movies/movies'
PLUGINS = [Movies]

The PLUGINS line should already be there, you can just edit that.


At the moment Movies with Siri is pretty limited and can only understand one phrase, that phrase being “what is the rating of *movie*”

So if you ask Siri “What is the rating of avatar?” it’ll respond with the rating percentage given by users.



I do not work nor am I affiliated with Apple. I don't condone any illegal activities when it comes to Siri or any Apple trademarks. Use SiriProxy and this plugin at your own discretion and I won't take responsibility for any broken iPhones, Computers or banned UDIDs.